Administrative Order 2000-2: Retention of County Documents and Destruction of Originals in Canyon County

Whereas, by order of the Supreme Court and pursuant to Idaho Code section 1-907, the Administrative Judge in each judicial district has been granted administrative supervision and authority over the courts in their respective districts; and

Whereas, Idaho Code section 9-331A provides that county officers required or authorized to maintain original documents may replace original documents by recording the same on media other than paper, or by electronic means; and

Whereas, Idaho Code section 9-331A further provides that after original documents have been retained in another form pursuant to its provisions, the documents from which such records were retained may be disposed of or returned to the sender; and

Whereas, Idaho Code section 9-332 provides that such disposition or destruction of documents, plats, papers, written instruments or books reproduced as provided in Idaho Code section 9-331 may only take place upon order of the district court having jurisdiction when the document is at least one (1) year old, provided that sixty (60) days notice is given to the Idaho Historical Society prior to the destruction of the document; and

Whereas there is a limited amount of space available to store documents at the Canyon County Courthouse and the other offices of Canyon County; and

Whereas Canyon County desires to replace many of its original documents by optically scanning said documents and transferring them to compact disks, and desires thereafter to destroy the originals from which such scans were taken, on a regular basis; and

Therefore, it is ordered that on an ongoing basis and without further order from this Court; Canyon County, its elected officials, and its various departments may, upon resolution of the Canyon County Board of Commissioners, destroy any and all original documents which they are required or authorized to maintain by law, after the original documents have been replaced, retained and preserved to the requirements of Idaho Code sections 9-331A and 9-332.

It is further ordered that the time and notice requirements of Idaho Code section 9-332 shall be complied with prior to the destruction of any of the above referenced documents.

Dated this 24th day of January, 2000.

Signed by Stephen Drescher, Administrative District Judge


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