Administrative Order 02-1: Order Amending VERA Point Scale Release System

Whereas, the Canyon County Jail is currently experiencing a critical inmate overcrowding situation; and

Whereas, the supervised release of persons charged with minor crimes and those persons who would otherwise pose little danger to the community would relieve overcrowding at the jail while not having an adverse effect on community safety:

It Is Hereby Ordered that defendants charged with felonies who accrue a positive score of at least 4 points on the VERA point scale and defendants charged with misdemeanors who accrue a positive score of at least 1 point on the VERA scale be qualified for recognizance release.

It Is Further Ordered that the Pre-Trial Release Officer may admit to recognizance release without regard to VERA points but with conditions which the Officer finds appropriate those persons who are charged with the following minor crimes:

(1)    Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Tobacco (18-1502)

(2)    Person Under the Age of Twenty-One (21) Forbidden to Enter, Remain in or Loiter at Places Licensed for the Sale of Liquor (23-943)

(3)    Person Under the Age of Twenty-One (21) Not Allowed to Purchase, Possess, Serve, Dispense or Consume Beer, Wine or other Alcoholic Liquor (23-949)

(4)    No Valid Driver’s License (49-301)

(5)    Failure to Carry Driver’s License (49-316)

(6)    All City or County Open Container Ordinance Violations

(7)    Any other City or County Ordinance Violation

(8)    Driving Without Privileges (18-8001)

(9)    Petty Theft (1st Offense)(18-2407(2))

(10)Unlawful Entry (1st Offense)(18-7034)

(11)Misdemeanor Probation Violation (1st Violation)

(12)Possession of Paraphernalia (1st Offense)(Idaho Code section 37-2734A)

(13)Any other misdemeanor, but excluding DUI’s, any crimes of violence, or any crimes involving endangerment to children or to those at risk (1st Offense)

It Is Further Ordered that this order is effective immediately upon signature of the Court and shall remain in effect unless rescinded.

Dated this 14th day of January, 2002.

Signed by James C. Morfitt, Administrative District Judge


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