Administrative Order 06-4: Digital Scanning of Canyon County Criminal Cases

Whereas, it has been brought to this Court’s attention that certain records from Canyon County criminal court files are being scanned for recordkeeping purposes and reduction of paperwork;

Now, therefore, it is hereby Ordered that pursuant to Idaho Criminal Rule 32(h) and Idaho Administrative Rule 32, the Court authorizes the pre-sentence investigation reports to be unsealed, with the pre-sentence investigation report itself to be scanned along with any professional examinations of the defendant that exist in the file. Any other attachments to the pre-sentence investigation reports, other than those previously identified, need not be scanned. Thereafter, those documents may be shredded.

It is further Ordered that this order only applies to court cases filed prior to, and including, 1993. The Court understands that death penalty cases and other murder cases are not going to be subject to scanning, nor will any portions of those files be shredded.

Be it so Ordered, this 7th day of November, 2006.

Signed by Gregory M. Culet, Administrative District Judge


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