Administrative Order 07-3: Expanding the List of Misdemeanor Payable Offenses

Whereas, this Court previously entered Administrative Order 2007-2 on February 9, 2007 that governed the procedures for the processing of misdemeanor citations and arraignments and

Whereas, it would be in the interest of justice to expand the list of payable offenses to include: Passing School Bus Violations (I.C. 49-1422), 1st Time Misdemeanor No Insurance (No Accident Involved), Underage Person In a Bar (I.C. 23-943 & 23-943A) and Person Under the Influence of Drugs in Public (I.C. 37-2732C);

Now, therefore, it is hereby Ordered that the list of payable offenses be amended as reflected on Attachment A to this order.

Be it so Ordered, this 29th day of March, 2007.

Signed by Gregory M. Culet, Administrative District Judge

Attachment A

Payable Offenses

Statute                Description                                            Amount          Comments                    .
                           Public Intoxication, Pedestrian Under      $150.00
                           the Influence
I18-3906              Littering Roadway from Vehicle              $125.00
I19-3901(A)          Failure to Appear                                   $200.00         On Payable Offense Only
I23-505                Alcohol Bev-Unlawful Transport/Open      $172.50
                           Container Vio
I23-505(1)            Alcohol Bev-Unlawful Transport/Open      $172.50
                           Container Vio
I23-505(2){M}       Alcohol Bev-Consume/Poss Open            $172.50
                           Container (Driver)
I23-943 &             Underage Person in a Bar and Refusal     $200.00
I23-943A              to Present Identification
I36-1201(c)          License-Fail to Carry On Person/Exhibit  $150.00         Dismiss if shows proof of
                           On Request                                                                any valid license
I36-409(d)            Game Tags-Fail to Validate Or Attach To $132.50
I39-5703              Tobacco-Possession,Distribution,Use By  $122.50
                           Minor Vio
I37-2732C            Under the Influence of Drugs in Public     $250.00
I49-1210              Registering vehicle w/o Insurance          $182.00
I49-1232              No Insurance, 1st time misdemeanor       $190.00         Dismiss if proof of current
                                                                                                            insurance is provided MUST
                                                                                                            BE SET BEFORE A JUDGE IF
                                                                                                            AN ACCIDENT IS INVOLVED
I49-1419              Failure to Obey Traffic Officer                $132.00
I49-1421              Using Emergency Crossover                    $172.50
I49-1422              Overtaking and Passing School Bus         $172.50
I49-1801              Abandoning Vehicle                                $107.00
I49-18-6409          Barking Dog (dist peace) Dog at Large    $150.00
I49-301(1)            Drivers License-Fail To Purchase/Invalid $132.00         Only first offense
I49-316                Drivers License-Fail to Carry On Person   $  77.00         Dismiss if shows proof of
                                                                                                            any valid license
I49-331(1)            Drivers Lic-Poss Mutilated, Altered,        $122.50
                           Revoked Etc
I49-331(4)            Drivers License-Fail To Surrender After   $182.00
I49-519(1)            Title-Operate Veh Without Title              $182.00
I49-519(2)            Title-Operate Veh With Cancelled Title    $182.00
CCO-3-5-25          31-714 Canines-Public Nuisance              $150.00
CCO-3-5-25(3)      31-714 Canines-Disturb the Peace           $150.00
MCC-8-3-25(4)      50-302 Dogs-Disturb Peace                     $150.00
MCC-8-7-3            50-302 Possession of Open Container      $172.50
MMI-8-4-2            50-302 Abandoned Vehicle Within City    $150.00
MMI-10-1-6          50-302 Disorderly Conduct                      $150.00
MMI-10-1-6(G)      50-302 Disorderly Conduct-Public            $150.00
MMI-10-2-10         50-302 Dogs at Large                             $150.00
MMI-10-2-16         50-302 Dogs Disturb Peace                     $150.00
MMI-10-2-17(A)    50-302 Dogs-Nuisance-At Large or          $150.00
                           Without License
MNA-601-1(G)      50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Loiter in a     $150.00
MNA-6-1-1            50-302 Disorderly Conduct                      $150.00
MNA-6-1-1(B)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Beg-Solicit in $150.00
MNA-6-1-1(C)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Loitering in   $150.00
MNA-6-1-1(E)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Trespass       $150.00
MNA-6-1-1(F)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Private          $150.00
MNA-6-1-1            Disorderly Conduct                                 $150.00
MNA-6-1-3            50-302 Open Container                          $172.50
MNA-6-2-22(a)      50-302 Nuisance-Excessive,CD/Untimely $150.00
MNA-7-1-5            Driving-Short Cut Using Private              $100.00
MNA-7-1-5            50-302 Driving-Short Cut Using Private   $100.00
MPA-9-2A-5          50-302 Dog Disturb Peace                       $150.00
MWI-280              50-302 Open Container                          $172.50


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