Administrative Order 08-2: Amending the List of Misdemeanor Payable Offenses

Whereas, this Court previously entered Administrative Order 2007-2 on February 9, 2007 that governed the procedures for the processing of misdemeanor citations and arraignments, and

Whereas, the interests of justice would be served by adding I.C. 67-2901A motor carrier violations to the list of payable offenses;

Now, therefore, it is hereby Ordered that the amended list of payable offenses as reflected on Attachment A to this order is adopted.

Be it so Ordered, this 14th day of August, 2008.

Signed by Gregory M. Culet, Administrative District Judge

Attachment A

Payable Offenses Committed on or After July 1, 2007

Statute                Description                                            Amount          Comments                    .
                           Public Intoxication, Pedestrian Under      $153.00
                           the Influence
CCO-3-5-25          31-714 Canines-Public Nuisance              $153.00
CCO-3-5-25(3)      31-714 Canines-Disturb the Peace           $153.00
I18-3906              Littering Roadway from Vehicle              $128.00

I18-6409              Disturbing the Peace by Barking Dog       $153.00
I18-7031              Placing Debris on Property                      $128.00
I19-3901(A)          Failure to Appear                                   $203.00         On Payable Offense Only
I23-505                Alcohol Bev-Unlawful Transport/Open      $175.50
                           Container Violation
I23-505(1)            Alcohol Bev-Unlawful Transport/Open      $175.50
                           Container Violation
I23-505(2){M}       Alcohol Bev-Consume/Possess Open        $175.50
                           Container (Driver)
I23-943 &             Underage Person in a Bar and Refusal     $203.00
I23-943A              to Present Identification
I36-401                Fishing Without a License                      $109.00
I36-1201(c)          License-Fail to Carry On Person/Exhibit  $153.00         Dismiss if shows proof of
                           On Request                                                                any valid license
I36-409(i)             Game Tags-Fail to Validate Or Attach To $135.50
I39-5703              Tobacco-Possession,Distribution,Use By  $125.50
                           Minor Violation
I37-2732C            Under the Influence of Drugs in Public     $253.00
I49-1210              Registering vehicle w/o Insurance          $185.00         Dismiss if show any valid
                           Certificate                                                                 insurance
I49-1232              No Insurance, 1st time misdemeanor       $193.00         Dismiss if proof of current
                                                                                                            insurance is provided MUST
                                                                                                            BE SET BEFORE A JUDGE IF
                                                                                                            AN ACCIDENT IS INVOLVED
I49-1419              Failure to Obey Traffic Officer                $135.00
I49-1421              Using Emergency Crossover                    $175.50
I49-1422              Overtaking and Passing School Bus         $175.50
I49-1801              Abandoning Vehicle                                $110.00
I49-301(1)            Drivers License-Fail To Purchase/Invalid $135.00         Only first offense
I49-316                Drivers License-Fail to Carry On Person   $  80.00         Dismiss if shows proof of
                                                                                                            any valid license
I49-331(1)            Drivers Lic-Possess Mutilated, Altered,   $125.50
                           Revoked Etc
I49-331(4)            Drivers License-Fail To Surrender After   $185.00
I49-519(1)            Title-Operate Veh Without Title              $185.00
I49-519(2)            Title-Operate Veh With Cancelled Title    $185.00
I67-2901A            Motor Carrier Violations Other Than        $119.00
                           Hazardous Material or Disqualified
MCC-8-3-25(4)      50-302 Dogs-Disturb Peace                     $153.00
MCC-8-7-3            50-302 Possession of Open Container      $175.50
MMI-8-4-2            50-302 Abandoned Vehicle Within City    $153.00
MMI-10-1-6          50-302 Disorderly Conduct                      $153.00
MMI-10-1-6(G)      50-302 Disorderly Conduct-Public            $153.00
MMI-10-2-10         50-302 Dogs at Large                             $153.00
MMI-10-2-16         50-302 Dogs Disturb Peace                     $153.00
MMI-10-2-17(A)    50-302 Dogs-Nuisance-At Large or          $153.00
                           Without License
MNA-6-1-1            50-302 Disorderly Conduct                      $153.00
MNA-6-1-1            Disorderly Conduct                                 $153.00
MNA-6-1-1(B)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Beg-Solicit in $153.00
MNA-6-1-1(C)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Loitering in   $153.00
MNA-6-1-1(E)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Trespass       $153.00
MNA-6-1-1(F)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Private          $153.00
MNA-6-1-1(G)       50-302 Disorderly Conduct/Loiter in a     $153.00
MNA-6-1-3            50-302 Open Container                          $175.50
MNA-6-2-22(a)      50-302 Nuisance-Excessive,CD/Untimely $153.00
MNA-7-1-5            Driving-Short Cut Using Private              $103.00
MNA-7-1-5            50-302 Driving-Short Cut Using Private   $103.00
MPA-9-2A-5          50-302 Dog Disturb Peace                       $153.00
MWI-280              50-302 Open Container                          $175.50


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