Administrative Order 08-3: Measures to Address Overcrowding at the Canyon County Jail in Canyon County

Whereas, the Canyon County Jail does not have adequate facilities to house the existing number of inmates currently incarcerated in that facility, and

Whereas, there is a consensus among the various segments of the local criminal justice system that appropriate measures can be taken in a collaborative manner to address the jail overcrowding issue,

Now, therefore, It is Hereby Ordered:

That the concept of “work release” privileges, when utilized by a Court in any sentence to the Canyon County Jail, is intended by the judge to include work release, work search as governed by Canyon County Jail guidelines, and inmate-worker detail.

That when a sentencing judge orders a commitment to the Canyon County Jail and uses the additional term “with options” in connection to that jail time, such shall authorize the Canyon County Sheriff’s Department to evaluate the inmate’s classification status and utilize certain available placement resources to include work release, as defined above, the day reporting program, electronic monitoring programs, SILD, etc. However, if the sentencing judge intends to limit or prohibit the use of any of the options available under that designation, the judge shall so designate which programs are not allowed to be considered for that inmate.

Dated this 14th day of November, 2008.

Signed by Gregory M. Culet, Administrative District Judge


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