Administrative Order 08-4:  Adoption of an Electronic Equipment Policy for the Courtrooms of the Third Judicial District

Whereas, the Administrative Judge has statutory authority to provide administrative supervision over the District Courts, and

Whereas, a policy with regard to the utilization of electronic equipment within the courtrooms of this judicial district would enhance the orderly conduct of judicial proceedings,

Now, therefore, It is Hereby Ordered that the attached policy for the use of electronic equipment in the courtrooms of the Third Judicial District is adopted.

Be it so Ordered this 8th day of December, 2008.

Signed by Gregory M. Culet, Administrative District Judge



There shall be no audio or video recording of court proceedings by any electronic device except as authorized by court order pursuant to Rule 45, Idaho Court Administrative Rules, Cameras in the Courtroom, or as authorized by the Administrative Judge or presiding judge for ceremonial or other appropriate occasions.

Laptop computers are allowed to be used in courtrooms only with the permission of the presiding judge.

All cell/digital phones, other hand-held electronic devices and laptop computers shall only be operated in a mode which does not allow the emission of audible signals. No cell phone conversations shall take place in the courtroom.

The operation of any electronic device in a courtroom must be accomplished without disrupting court proceedings. Individual judges have the discretion to determine what constitutes disruptive behavior.


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