Administrative Order 09-3: Implementation of an Owyhee County Juvenile Screening Team Pursuant to Idaho Juvenile Rule 19

Whereas the Idaho Supreme Court entered an Order amending Rule 19 of the Idaho Juvenile Rules on January 28, 2009, providing for the creation of a screening team in juvenile matters prior to the commitment of a juvenile to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Corrections, and

Whereas Idaho Juvenile Rule 19(a) prohibits the commitment of a juvenile to the Department of Juvenile Corrections unless the court probation officer has convened a screening team to evaluate alternatives to commitment; and

Whereas, Section 1-907, Idaho Code grants the Administrative District Judge authority over the operation of the district courts and magistrates within the district, and

Now, therefore, it is Ordered that:

1) Pursuant to Idaho Code section 20-523, there is hereby created an Owyhee County Juvenile Screening Team, which shall be convened by an officer of the Owyhee County Probation Department, who shall also be responsible for a written report to the Court, unless otherwise directed; and

2) The team shall consist of representatives from the Owyhee County Juvenile Probation Office, Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the Owyhee County Prosecuting Attorney, and the juvenile’s attorney. With the consent of the Court, in particular cases the team may also include other persons that the court may deem appropriate, including local school officials and parents, custodians, or guardians of the juvenile; and

3) The Owyhee County Juvenile Screening Team shall convene whenever necessary to consider any juvenile offender where commitment to the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections is a potential Disposition.

It Is Hereby Ordered.

Dated this 19th day of March, 2009.

Signed by Juneal C. Kerrick, Administrative District Judge


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