Administrative Order 09-6: Appointment of a Committee of Lawyers to Recommend Candidates for the Position of Public Defender

The Canyon County Board of Commissioners having entered Resolution No. 09-078 on April 29, 2009 entitled “A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Canyon County, Idaho Directing the Termination of a Request for Proposals for the Provision of Public Defender Services;” and the Canyon County Board of Commissioners having submitted a written request dated April 29, 2009 seeking the appointment by the Administrative Judge, pursuant to Idaho Code section 19-860(2), of a committee of lawyers to consider candidates for the provision of public defender services in Canyon County; and the Canyon County Board of Commissioners having notified the Court on May 5, 2009 of the list of public defender candidates;

Now, Therefore, It Is Hereby Ordered that Gregg E. Lovan, Christopher S. Nye, and William H. Wellman shall be and are appointed as the committee of lawyers pursuant to Idaho Code section 19-860 to review the candidates submitting letters of interest and resumes and to designate a panel of not more than five (5) and not fewer than three (3) persons (if that many are available), from which the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint a public defender to provide services for Canyon County.[1]

Dated this 8th day of May, 2009.

Signed by Juneal C. Kerrick, Administrative District Judge

cc:        Canyon County Board of Commissioners
            Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney
            Gregg E. Lovan
            Christopher S. Nye
            William H. Wellman


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[1] The Court notes that the Plaintiffs in Wiebe & Fouser, et al vs. State of Idaho, et al, Canyon County Case No. CR-2009-4413-C, filed April 24, 2009, seek certain injunctive relief which may affect the process initiated by the Board of Commissioners for the appointment of a public defender for Canyon County. This Order is expressly made subject to any injunctive or temporary relief that may be entered by the court in that action.