Administrative Order 10-12: Canyon County Discretionary Jail Time

In order to address the space constraints that currently exist in the Dale Haile Detention Center, unless otherwise ordered by the court, where discretionary jail time has been imposed as a condition of probation, whether in misdemeanor cases or in felony cases, a probation officer may designate that any discretionary jail time be served with all available options, including, e.g., work release, day reporting, Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Detail, community service, etc.

Additionally, a probation officer may authorize imposition of up to seven (7) days of discretionary jail time without the prior written approval of the court. Written notice of any discretionary jail time that is imposed shall be filed with the Clerk of the Court.

It is so Ordered.

Dated this 17th day of September, 2010.

Signed by Juneal C. Kerrick, Administrative District Judge



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