Administrative Order 10-3: FTR Audio Streaming

Whereas, Rule 45(a), Idaho Court Administrative Rule (I.C.A.R.), provides that “audio/visual coverage” includes the broadcast of public proceedings before district and magistrate judges; and further provides that the transmission of sounds by any electronic means, including but not limited to streaming, constitutes a “broadcast” of courtroom proceedings;

Whereas, Rule 45(g), I.C.A.R., requires that approval for audio/visual coverage of a courtroom proceeding must be obtained in advance from the presiding judge;

Whereas, it has come to the attention of the Court, including the Administrative District Judge, that live FTR broadcasts of court hearings in the Canyon County Courthouse are being accessed by electronic means, and specifically by streaming, by offices and/or individuals within the courthouse, but without the advance approval of the presiding judge as required by I.C.A.R. 45(g);

Therefore, pending further consideration of this matter, no live broadcasts or streaming of any courtroom proceedings shall occur within the Third Judicial District, except as approved in advance by the presiding judge, in accordance with Rule 45, I.C.A.R.

It is so Ordered.

Dated this 5th day of May, 2010.

Signed by Juneal C. Kerrick, Administrative District Judge


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