Administrative Order 88-4: Establishment of Minimum Payments to the District Court in Adams County

Whereas the District Court in Administrative Order 85-2 established a minimum payment schedule of deferred payment agreements between the court and defendants and

Whereas the orderly and effective administration of justice requires modification of that minimum payment schedule,

Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that all deferred payment agreements authorized by the court shall require payments to be made in minimum amounts not less than:

Aggregate Balance Due Minimum Monthly Payment
$ 25 - $ 300 $25
$301 - $ 600 $40
$601 - $1,000 $60
$1,000 + $75

It is further ordered that effective April 1, 1988 the District Court personnel shall not accept payments in amounts less than the payment reflected in the above minimum schedule unless specifically authorized by a judge of the District Court or Magistrate Division thereof or unless the account balance is less than $25.

Dated this 3rd day of March, 1988.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge

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