Administrative Order 90-1: Amending Procedures Governing the Pre-Trial Release Program in Canyon County

This Court previously entered an administrative order which established a Pre-Trial Release Program in Canyon County and which set forth procedures to govern the operation of that program. Since the entry of that order, it has become apparent that it is not possible for a single Pre-Trial Release Officer to fully implement the Pre-Trial Release Program. The Canyon County Commissioners have recognized this fact and authorized the hiring of one additional Pre-Trial Release Officer.

It is necessary that this Court amend its Administrative Order 89-2 to accommodate the expansion of the Pre-Trial Release Program. Therefore, it is hereby ordered that this Court's Administrative Order 89-2 be amended as follows:

1. A Canyon County Pre-Trial Release Division is established in the District Court Department. The Division shall administer the Canyon County Pre-Trial Release Program as described herein. The Division shall be operated by a Pre-Trial Release Officer II and such additional staff as may be authorized who are deputized by the Canyon County Sheriff.

2. The Pre-Trial Release Officer II shall administer the Canyon County Pre-Trial Release Program as provided by this Order. All Pre-Trial Release Officers assigned to the program shall transport prisoners in custody to and from the Canyon County Jail as such prisoners are needed for interviews or for court appearances, shall provide security protection to the courts and court personnel, and shall make arrests when necessary to maintain the security and safety of the defendants, witnesses, members of the public, and court personnel. All Pre-Trial Release Officers shall serve under the general supervision of the Administrative District Judge.

It is further ordered that all other provisions of this Court's Administrative Order 89-2 shall remain in full force and effect.

Dated this 5th day of January, 1990.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge

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