Administrative Order 91-2: Establishment of Bail Schedules

Whereas Misdemeanor Criminal Rule 13 establishes a statewide bail schedule for specified offenses, and

Whereas Rule 13 further provides for the designation of additional offenses to be included on local bail schedules, and

Whereas Administrative Order 84-2 previously established a local bail schedule but is out of date,

Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that Administrative Order 84-2 is rescinded.

It is further ordered that the following designated offenses and their bail bond amounts are hereby established:

I.C. 23-505, Open Container, $75
I.C. 23-604, Drunk on Public Highway or Place, $75
I.C. 49-320, No Change of Address Shown on License, $75
I.C. 49-429, No Copy of License Plate Application Shown, $75
I.C. 67-7008, Failure to Register Boat, $75
Ordinance, Urinate in Public, $75

It is further ordered that the above-designated bond schedule additions shall be effective throughout the Third Judicial District and shall remain in effect until further order of this Court.

Dated this 5th day of April, 1991.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge

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