Administrative Order 91-4: Establishing Owyhee County Jail Release Program

The present jail used by Owyhee County was designed and built to incarcerate 8 inmates and the population of the Owyhee County Jail has exceeded 8 persons. The holding of more than 8 persons overnight in the Owyhee County Jail increases the possibility of civil disorder in the jail with resultant injury to inmates and/or staff. The County cannot take unilateral action to relieve the overcrowded condition but the Owyhee County Jail can operate, for a limited time, at a maximum population of 8 inmates.

Therefore, be it ordered that the Owyhee County Sheriff shall reduce the population of the Owyhee County Jail to a maximum of 8 inmates at 6:00 p.m. each day. If the population of the Jail is in excess of 8 at 6:00 p.m., the following standards will be regarded to reduce the population:

A. The Sheriff will complete and update personal information for each inmate in custody to determine each individual's ranking based on:

  1. Outside Jurisdiction Inmates. Any inmate that can be released to another jurisdiction where charges are pending.
  2. Misdemeanor Inmates. Any misdemeanor inmate that has served the majority of a sentence and has no disciplinary report while in custody will be returned to the sentencing judge to determine if they are a candidate for house arrest and be allowed to return to work.
  3. Pre-Sentence Inmates. Use of VERA Point Scale Release System standards contained in Administrative Order 89-2 as amended by Administrative 90-5.
  4. Sentenced and Felon Inmates. Use of the VERA Point Scale Release System as outlined in Administrative Orders 89-2 and 93-5 and who in the judgement of the Sheriff would present a lesser propensity to commit criminal acts and commit violent acts.
  5. All proposals for release will be submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney and the resident Magistrate for the purpose of gaining their input to any discretionary releases.
  6. A report will be prepared each week and submitted to the Court for their continued information.

B. Prior to any release, each inmate will sign an agreement whereby they agree to rules that limit their activity to work, church, school, and home. They will be allowed to attend family events, travel for care of family welfare, and other legitimate activity on a case by case basis with the approval of the Sheriff.

C. Released inmates will agree to contact the Sheriff on a regular basis as directed.

D. Released inmates will agree to return to the Owyhee County Jail to be held in compliance with any Court Order that is in effect at the time of the required return, if room becomes available.

E. Any violation of the agreement or any criminal activity will subject the inmate to immediate return to the Owyhee County Jail. A level of probable cause will be sufficient to return the inmate.

Dated this 6th day of May, 1991.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge

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