Administrative Order 92-2: Appointment of a Law Enforcement Officer to Accept Cash Deposits as Bail in Owyhee County

Pursuant to the provisions of Rule 12, Misdemeanor Criminal Rules, it is hereby ordered that Chief Robert Fitzgerald of the Homedale Police Department is appointed and given authority to collect cash deposits as bail in all cases provided for in Rule 13, Misdemeanor Criminal rules, for offenses cited in the City of Homedale.

It is further ordered that all deposits accepted pursuant to this appointment shall be receipted in accordance with the procedures set forth in Rule 12, Misdemeanor Criminal Rules, and be remitted in kind to the Clerk of the Owyhee District Court at the Homedale Magistrate Court office within 24 hours after receipt.

It is further ordered that this appointment shall be effective upon execution of the required surety bond.

Dated this 18th day of March, 1992.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge


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