Administrative Order 93-7: Appointment of a Municipal Employee to Accept Court Fees and Fines in Canyon County

Pursuant to the provisions of Rule 12, Misdemeanor Criminal rules, and Rule 12, Idaho Infraction Rules, it is hereby ordered that Sharon Roberts, Restitution Officer for the City of Caldwell and the City of Nampa, is appointed and given authority to receive fines, penalties, court costs, and other court fees and to execute deferred payment agreements within the guidelines set by the court.

It is further ordered that all funds accepted pursuant to this appointment shall be receipted in a manner to reflect the amount paid, whether paid in cash or otherwise, the offense involved, the person charged, the person paying the funds being receipted, and the date and time paid. Triplicate receipts shall be made with 1 copy for the person paying the deposit, 1 copy for the clerk's office, and 1 copy for the restitution officer. All funds shall be remitted in kind to the Clerk of the Canyon County District Court in Caldwell within 24 hours after receipt.

Dated this 15th day of April, 1993.

Signed by Jim R. Doolittle, Administrative District Judge


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