Administrative Order: Cameras and/or Recording Devices in Courtrooms

To preserve the security and quiet needed for the orderly operation of the Courts, and to provide an environment that is conducive for the calm deliberation required for jurors, and to comply with the Administrative Rule issued by the Idaho Supreme Court effective February 15, 1995,

Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered, and this does order, that

a. No cameras and no recording devices may be used in the courtrooms or its environs in the Third Judicial District except:

  1. by written order of the presiding judge in accordance with the Idaho Supreme Court Rule and further stating the date, time, matter, and courtroom number or
  2. by authorization of the Administrative Judge for ceremonial or other appropriate occasions.

b. For purposes of this Order, "environs" means:

  1. that portion of any building assigned for Court or jury use, including the corridor area adjacent thereto and
  2. all restricted corridors and other areas used by judges, jurors, or witnesses with the courthouse or other building used for said purposes.

Dated this 13th day of February, 1995.

Signed by Dennis E. Goff, Administrative District Judge

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