Administrative Order 98-4: Substitution of Hamilton & Michaelson for Canyon County Prosecutor's Office as Caldwell City Prosecutor

Whereas, by private contract, the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney acted as the Caldwell City Prosecutor in all misdemeanor criminal cases up until May 31, 1998, and

Whereas, effective June 1, 1998, the contract Caldwell City Prosecutor is the firm of Hamilton & Michaelson, Attorneys at Law, in all Caldwell City misdemeanor criminal cases and under the contract with Caldwell City agreed to take over the representation in all cases where the matter is still pending, and

Whereas the record in each case needs to be amended in order to show Hamilton & Michaelson as the attorney of record instead of Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office,

Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that the firm of Hamilton & Michaelson be substituted as Caldwell City Prosecutors in all misdemeanor cases in which Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office was representing Caldwell City as the prosecutor.

It is further ordered that it be deemed that a copy of this order be filed in each case and that service of process may be made upon Hamilton & Michaelson even though the case file may indicate that Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is the appointed attorney.

Dated this 27th day of May, 1998.

Signed by Sergio A. Gutierrez, Administrative District Judge

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