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January 3, 2008

Memo from William H. Hurst
, Clerk of the District Court

This is to inform you that this office does not do record checks or case research. Our records, with the exception of some Special Proceeding cases, are open to the public. You may view the records in our office or send someone designated by you to do so. In order to view a file, you must provide us with the case number and/or a plaintiff or defendant name. There are public access computer terminals located in our office for use in locating case numbers filed since 1989. Docket books are available for researching cases filed prior to 1989.

Copies from public record files are available. The fees are set by Idaho Code and are as follows:

  Copies $1.00 per page
Certification $1.00 per document

For criminal background checks, an alternate method for you to obtain information might be to contact a law enforcement agency. Local sources that provide research for a fee are:

Danny Smith
DRS Investigations
P. O. Box 1196
Fruitland, Idaho  83619
Website: www.drsinvestigations.com
E-mail: drs187pc@msn.com

Shadow Trackers Investigative Services, Inc.
Ronald Kern
217 E. Pine Ave
Meridian, Idaho 83642
Website: www.shadowtrackers.com
E-mail: Ron@shadowtrackers.com

Wright Research
Shelli Wright
P. O. Box 1590
Caldwell, Idaho  83606
E-mail: Swrightresearch@msn.com

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