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Divorcing Parents Class

instructed by Shelley Carson, 454-7269

The Divorcing Parents Class is possible because of the deep concern family law judges have for children and their parents. Come to the class and hear about the worries and fears of children whose parents don't live together. Find out how to help children cope with unmarried parents in healthy ways. Discover the advice of experts about children's schedules for living at Mom's house and Dad's house. Learn why children need peaceful and cooperative transitions between their two homes. Watch children tell about their experience of divorce. Get in touch with ways children feel like a rope in a tug-of-war and find out what you can do to help. See how children's needs for routine change depending on their age. Learn when asking a judge to make decisions about children doesn't work for parents or children or judges.

DIVORCE IS A TIME OF STRESS--unhappiness--pain. If somebody loses, it is usually the children... it tears apart the kids. Loving parents are doing their best to get through the tough times of separation and divorce and also help their children cope. So, it is alarming that the majority of children of loving and well-meaning parents--TWO OUT OF THREE children of divorce--have lasting problems. Problems of poor grades in school, misbehaving--at school--anywhere, being extremely sad--depressed--sometimes suicidal, being unsuccessful in relationships--with family and friends and employers, and low self-esteem--feeling worthless.

Research has shown for children to AVOID THESE PROBLEMS, parents must be careful




Watch a video about mediation and the experience of divorce through the eyes of children. Receive information, resources, and tools for creating a shared parenting schedule for your children. Discover why children benefit when parents mediate instead of going to court to litigate.

Family law judges are concerned with what is in the best interest of children and know the pain and heartache from a custody battle is devastating for children. Judges believe strongly in SETTLEMENT RATHER THAN TRIAL in matters concerning children, because there is no way to keep children from becoming bargaining chips in a court trial. Rather than settle things between fighting parents, a court trial makes it even more difficult for parents to cooperate together about their children. Besides the damage to children when they become bargaining chips in a court battle, it is not realistic to go to court every time there is a disagreement about children.

HOW parents make plans for children is as important as the plans themselves because of the strong impact on children. Parents must choose whether to fight each other every step of the way, which damages children, or choose to work together so their children can thrive and be healthy.

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