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Recruitment and Selection of District Judges

Recruitment Process

The selection of district judges is identical to the selection of Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges. When there is a vacancy in an office, the Idaho Judicial Council advertises the existence of the vacancy to all attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Idaho and solicits applications for the position.

Selection Process

After the applications are received, a survey form is circulated to all members of the bar soliciting their opinions about the applicants. Notice is also given to the general public inviting them to comment on the applications as well. The results of the survey are compiled and are used by the members of the Judicial Council when they interview the candidates. At the conclusion of the interview process, the Judicial Council submits to the governor the names of not less than two nor more than four qualified persons. The governor then appoints the justice or judge to fill the remainder of the elected term.

Thereafter, the justices, appellate court judges, and district judges stand for popular election on a non-partisan contested ballot. Justices and appellate court judges run for election statewide and are elected for six-year terms. District judges stand for election within their judicial district and are elected for four-year terms. A qualified lawyer may challenge a sitting justice, appellate court judge, or district judge at election time.

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