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Gem County

Established March 19, 1915 with its county seat at Emmett. Named for the state nickname, "Gem State." Fur trappers were in the area as early as 1818 and Alexander Ross explored Squaw Creek in 1824. Prospectors and miners moved through the county in 1862 in route to the gold rush in the Boise Basin and by the next year irrigation began along the Payette River. Area: 564 sq. miles Population: 15,145

County Seat / Courthouse: Emmett
Description: \\2c-server1\TCA\SWinder\My Documents\My Webs\courthouse.gifLocation: 415 East Main Street    Map and Driving Directions from Eagle
Description: \\2c-server1\TCA\SWinder\My Documents\My Webs\email3.gifMailing Address: 415 East Main Street, Emmett, ID 83617

Clerks Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed Holidays     2017 Holidays     2018 Holidays

Fine Payments accepted by: cash, check, or money order

Description: \\2c-server1\TCA\SWinder\My Documents\My Webs\PHONE3.gifTelephone Numbers:
Magistrate Judge / Calendar Clerk
Hon. Tyler D. Smith / Esma Oribio,
Tel: 365-4221, Fax: 365-6172

Magistrate Court Deputy Clerks
Stacy Brown, Laura Dodson, Melani Stewart, Rebecca Flowers ,
Tel: 365-4221

District Court Deputy Clerks
Rachel Quenzer, Tel: 365-5621

Clerk of the District Court
Shelly Tilton,
Tel: 365-4561, Fax: 365-6172

County Prosecuting Attorney
Richard Linville,
Tel: 365-2106

Emmett City Prosecuting Attorney
Jacob A. Sweeten,
Tel: 365-4136

Public Defender
Carter Winters,
Tel: 365-4548

Charles “Chuck” Rolland,
Tel: 365-3521

Emmett Deputy Chief of Police
Steve Kunka, Tel: 365-6055

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