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Owyhee County

Established December 31, 1863 with its county seat at Ruby City. This was the first county to be established by the first territorial legislature. In 1867 the county seat was moved to Silver City and in 1934 to Murphy. Named for the river, mountains, and mining area explored by Hawaiian fur trappers in 1819-1820. Hawaii and Owyhee are different spellings of the same word. Gold was discovered on Jordan Creek in 1863 and millions of dollars of gold and silver were taken from the Silver City region until the industry declined in the early 1900s. Area: 7,666 sq. miles Population: 9,052

County Seat / Courthouse: Murphy
Description: http://www.the3rdjudicialdistrict.com/courthouse.gifLocation: Hwy 78 Map to Courthouse and How to get to Murphy with driving directions from Nampa
Description: http://www.the3rdjudicialdistrict.com/email3.gifMailing Address: P. O. Box 128, Murphy, ID 83650

Courthouse Annex: Homedale Map and Driving Directions from Nampa
Description: http://www.the3rdjudicialdistrict.com/courthouse.gifLocation: 31 West Wyoming
Description: http://www.the3rdjudicialdistrict.com/email3.gifMailing Address: 31 West Wyoming, Homedale, ID 83628

Clerks Office Hours: Monday Friday, 8:30 am Noon and 1:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Closed Holidays 2014 Holidays 2015 Holidays

Fine Payments accepted by: cash or money order

Description: http://www.the3rdjudicialdistrict.com/PHONE3.gifTelephone Numbers:
Magistrate Judge / Calendar Clerks
Hon. Dan C. Grober / Dorla Stoneman,
Tel: 495-2806; Homedale: Cindy Chavez, Tel: 337-4540

Clerk of the District Court
Angie Barkell,
Tel: 495-2421, Fax: 495-1226
Trina Aman, Deputy Clerk,
Tel: 495-2806
Homedale Courthouse,
Tel: 337-4540, Fax: 337-3035

Restitution Officer
Peggy McDorman, Tel: 495-2806

Juvenile Probation Officer
Doris Jewett,
Murphy Tel: 495-2806, Homedale Tel: 337-3702

County Prosecuting Attorney
Douglas Emery,
Tel: 495-1153

Homedale Prosecuting Attorney
Russell Metcalf,
Tel: 337-4945

Daryl Crandall, Tel: 495-1154

Homedale Chief of Police
Jeff Eidimiller,
Tel: 337-4642

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