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Parenting Plan Agreement

Court Case No.

This parenting plan is for the children of:

Mother: Soc. Sec. No.
Father: Soc. Sec. No.

The child/ren of this marriage (or relationship) under age 18 are:


Date of Birth

Present Address


We have crossed off the portions of this document where we do not have agreement and we have marked the circles for options in italics where we have agreement.

1. Responsibilities and Decision-Making

We each have a heartfelt and legal responsibility to provide for the physical and emotional needs of our child/ren. When our child/ren are scheduled to be with father, father is the ON-DUTY parent. When our child/ren are scheduled to be with mother, mother is the ON-DUTY parent. We agree that the ON-DUTY parent will make decisions about the day-to-day care and control of our child/ren. Neither of us shall schedule activities for our child/ren during the time the other parent is ON-DUTY without prior agreement of the ON-DUTY parent.

We care about the well-being of our child/ren. We realize we both are very important to our child/ren and they need each of us as an active parent throughout their lives. We respect each parent's separate role with our child/ren and we support each other as fit and proper parents. We will give our child/ren permission to love, and be proud of, the other parent. We shall put our child/ren's needs first in planning their living arrangements. We expect each child is an individual and may have different needs and that their needs will change as they grow older.

2. Residential Schedule

We shall follow this specific schedule so our child/ren know what will be happening to them and when they will be with each other and with each parent.

Mother shall be ON-DUTY and our child/ren will be with mother as follows:



Father shall be ON-DUTY and our child/ren will be with father as follows:



3. Summer Residential Schedule -- if different than residential schedule above

Mother shall be ON-DUTY and our child/ren will be with mother as follows:



Father shall be ON-DUTY and our child/ren will be with father as follows:



4. Holiday Schedule

During the holidays, the holiday schedule shall be followed instead of the residential schedule for our child/ren older than _____ years.

On PRESIDENT'S DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, AND LABOR DAY WEEKENDS our child/ren shall remain with the parent they are normally scheduled to be with that weekend through Monday at 7:00 p.m.

Our child/ren shall spend Monday through Friday during SPRING BREAK with father in /_/odd /_/even numbered years and with mother in /_/odd /_/even numbered years.

Our child/ren shall spend EASTER SUNDAY with father in /_/odd /_/even numbered years and with mother in /_/odd /_/even numbered years.

Our child/ren shall spend MOTHER'S DAY with mother and FATHER'S DAY with father each year.

Our child/ren shall spend JULY 4th overnight to July 5th with father in /_/odd /_/even numbered years and with mother in /_/odd /_/even numbered years.

Our children shall spend HALLOWEEN until 9:00 p.m. with father in /_/odd /_/even numbered years and with mother in /_/odd /_/even numbered years.

Our child/ren shall spend THANKSGIVING from Wednesday after school until Sunday at 7:00 p.m. with father in /_/odd /_/even numbered years and with mother in /_/odd /_/even numbered years. (If this Thanksgiving holiday schedule results in our child/ren scheduled to be with the same parent for 3 weekends in a row our children shall spend the weekend following Thanksgiving with the other parent so our child/ren end up spending 2 weekends in a row with each parent.)

When any of our child/ren are school age, (do not check both of the following options):


5. Transportation -- children and belongings

We shall arrive on time (no more than 10 minutes early or late) to drop off and pick up our child/ren. Because remembering is difficult for child/ren, we shall deliver our child/ren's clothing, school supplies, and belongings at the same time we deliver our child/ren. We shall return our child/ren's clothing in a clean condition to the parent who purchased the clothing.

When our child/ren are scheduled to return to father,

When our child/ren are scheduled to return to mother,

6. Flexibility

Although our child/ren need living arrangements that are predictable, if something unexpected or unavoidable comes up, we shall give each other as much notice as possible. If we are unable to agree on a change to the schedule, this residential schedule shall be followed. If this results in the need for child care, the scheduled ON-DUTY parent shall make the child care arrangements and pay the cost.

7. Communication

To keep our child/ren out of the middle of our relationship and any conflict, we shall not (A) ask them about the other parent, (B) ask them to give messages to the other parent, or (C) cut down the other parent around our child/ren. We shall treat each other with dignity and respect in the presence of our child/ren. We shall keep our conversations short and calm when exchanging our child/ren so they won't feel afraid or anxious. We agree our child/ren can have unlimited telephone access to each of us.

During long separation from our child/ren, we will maintain frequent contact with them by phone, letter, post cards, video, or audio tapes, etc. We will encourage and help our child/ren stay in touch with the other parent by phone, letter, etc. Before leaving, we shall give each other the address and phone number where our child/ren can be reached when they are away from home for more than 48 hours.

8. Safety

9. Education

Each of us will contact our child/ren's schools to find out about their needs, progress, and special events including parent-teacher conferences. We shall also share information about our child/ren's school progress, behavior, and events with each other. We will encourage and support our child/ren's efforts for further education such as college or technical training. Major decisions about our child/ren's education (such as which school they will attend) will be made by

10. Extended Family

We recognize our child/ren will benefit from maintaining ties with grandparents, relatives, and people important to them and we will help our child/ren continue to be with these people from time to time.

11. Financial Support

Child support shall be set in accordance with the Idaho Child Support Guidelines (ICSG). We know we may agree to more than the ICSG support amount, however, the judge will correct any child support amount listed in the pleadings filed in this case that is less than the ICSG amount. Child support shall be paid until our child/ren turn 18, or up to the age 19 if they continue attending high school.

For income tax exemption purposes, father can claim (child/ren's first names)

in /_/odd /_/ even numbered years and mother can claim (child/ren's first names)

in /_/odd /_/even numbered years.

12. Child Care

If occasional (not work-related) child care is needed by the ON-DUTY parent, we shall offer the other parent the chance to provide this care before seeking someone else to care for our child/ren. The ON-DUTY parent shall make any needed occasional child care arrangements and pay the cost.

Because the basic child support award does not cover work-related child care costs, father shall pay _______% and mother shall pay _______% of the cost of work-related child care directly to the child care provider in advance. The work-related child care provider shall be chosen by

13. Health Care

We each have a right to our child/ren's medical information and records and we will communicate with each other on major health care for our child/ren. Major decisions about health care (such as the need for surgery) will be made by ______________________. The ON-DUTY parent shall make sure our child/ren take their prescription medicine. In emergencies, each parent can consent to emergency medical treatment for our child/ren as needed and we shall notify the other parent as soon as possible.

Health insurance coverage for our child/ren shall be provided by /_/father /_/mother /_/the parent that can obtain suitable coverage through an employer at the lower cost. In addition to child support, we shall share costs for our child/ren's health care which are not covered or paid in full by insurance (including the cost for health insurance premiums and deductibles, medical, dental, orthodontic, and vision care). These out-of-pocket health care costs shall be prorated between us in proportion to our ICSG incomes. Currently, father's share is _______% and mother's share is _______%. These payments shall be paid directly between us no later than (A)30 days after receiving the bill OR (B)30 days after receiving proof of how much the insurance company paid on the bill, whichever occurs last.

14. Move from Current Residence

We shall give each other as much notice as possible and at least _________days notice when a decision to move is made. A move of __________miles or more makes it difficult to follow the schedules in this Plan and requires a new agreement. We shall resolve the changes concerning our child/ren and have them made an order of the court before moving to a new location of over _________miles.

15. Child/ren's out-of-state Travel

We shall not remove our child/ren from the state of Idaho without advance agreement of both of us. We shall include the date we shall return our child/ren to Idaho in our written agreement.

16. Disputes

If one of us does not follow a part of this Plan, we understand the other parent's obligations under the Plan are not affected. When we cannot agree on the meaning of some part of this agreement or if a big change (such as a move or remarriage) causes conflict, we shall make a good faith effort to resolve our differences through mediation before returning to court for relief.

17. Other

Reasonable costs shall be awarded to the prevailing party in any action brought to enforce any terms of this agreement.




18. Duration

ONCE THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE AN ORDER OF THE COURT, this agreement shall be in effect until further court order. Any changes to the Plan shall be made in writing, dated, and signed by each of us. Until such written change is made an order of the court, this agreement will govern any dispute.

Our signed copies of this agreement shall (check all that apply):

Mother: * Father: *
Date: Date:

*Signatures must be notarized before presenting agreement to court.

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