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Reinstatement Requirements--Uninsured Motorist Suspensions

Your driver's license and/or driving privileges are being suspended for up to three (3) years following a conviction for failure to have or show proof of insurance, in accordance with Idaho Code sections 49-1229, 49-1232, or 49-1428.

You may be reinstated at any time by providing proof of financial responsibility and paying a reinstatement fee.

Proof of Financial Responsibility

Section 49-1208 of the Idaho Code requires that before a driving privilege which has been suspended or revoked can be restored to you, you must furnish to the Idaho Transportation Department proof that you carry insurance or some other form of financial responsibility for a period of three (3) years from the beginning date of your suspension.

You may comply with the financial responsibility laws in any of the following ways:

Reinstatement Fee

Section 49-328 of the Idaho Code requires that before a suspended or revoked license may be reinstated, you must pay a reinstatement fee. The Idaho Transportation Department charges a separate reinstatement fee on each suspension. If you have multiple suspensions or are not sure of the total amount you owe, please contact Driver Services.

Note: Failure to maintain continuous coverage could result in re-suspension if Driver Services receives notification from your insurance company that your policy has been cancelled. Coverage must be maintained for three (3) years.

Questions concerning reinstatement requirements, fees, and information on how to obtain a reinstatement application should be directed to the Driver Services Section, Idaho Transportation Department, 3311 West State Street, Boise, Idaho 83703; (208) 334-8736.

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