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Discipline and Removal of Judges

The method for discipline and removal of justices, court of appeals judges, district judges, and magistrate judges is identical and involves the Idaho Judicial Council. Upon receiving a written complaint, the Judicial Council investigates and, upon finding cause, recommends disciplinary action to the Supreme Court.

Cause may include willful misconduct in office, willful and persistent failure to perform duties, habitual intemperance, prejudicial contempt that brings the judicial office into disrepute, or violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct. The justice or judge may also be retired for a disability that seriously interferes with the performance of judicial duties.

The final decision on discipline and removal is made by the Supreme Court. All investigations by the council are confidential by statute, however, after the council files findings and recommendations with the Supreme Court, the file becomes public and is available for review in the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court.

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